Reaching Out
Reaching Out is a non-profit organization that supports programs that
reach at-risk African American youth in Fort Bend County, Texas and the
New Orleans Metropolitan Area. The purpose of Reaching Out is to
encourage young African Americans to strive to reach an enhanced
quality of life in order to be of service to the larger community. Our
programs include

  • College Scholarships
  • Grants
  • Publishing Uplifting Books for the African American Community
  • Documentaries Highlighting the African American Experience
  • Producing an Animated Series to Uplift African American Children

Reaching Out received its non-profit status in 2005. Since then, the
organization has published and donated five books created to uplift the
African American community by highlighting the importance of family,
education and a strong spiritual foundation. The organization also
provides grants and college scholarships annually.

About the Director
Allyson Ward Neal grew up in the Algiers community of New Orleans.
Mrs. Neal is a Supervisor of Website Developers for Chevron USA in
Houston, Texas. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism
from Southern University and A & M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
and a Master of Arts degree in Communications from Washington State
University in Pullman, Washington.

She has published five books. They are:

  • Algiers: The Untold Story, the African-American Experience, 1929 - 1955
  • Algiers: The Untold Story of a New Orleans Treasure
  • Ava the Angel
  • Ava Lillian's Blessing
  • Ava Lillian Goes to School
  • Non-profit 501(c)3

  • Provides literary
    programs to youth

  • Allyson Neal,

Quick Facts
Algiers: The Untold Story
A New Orleans Neighborhood